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Renegade Press, LLC was created by internationally acclaimed actor, screenwriter and author Dan Davies. The mission behind this boutique publisher is to specialize in publishing three to five books a year that have a diverse, unique and compelling message.

My Mission

Book Sales & IP (Intellectual Property)

I want Renegade Press to be a one-stop shop for authors looking at branding their books as IPs (Intellectual Properties). Their book becomes the first floor and foundation of a creative process that includes the creation of an audiobook, screenplay/teleplay adaptations, pitch deck and potential prospectus. Let's grow our books into the next TV series and movies.

Dan Davies - Owner - CEO

Dan Davies is an internationally acclaimed and award winning writer/actor/producer. He has co-starred, produced or written feature films that have been nominated for a BIFA (British Independent Film Award), the African Academy Award, AIFI's American Indian Best Film Award, Toronto Film Festival Best Film, Raindance Film Festival Best Film etc etc etc and he has won Political Film Society's Best Film (Human Rights and Peace), the AMVCA (African Magic Viewers' Choice Award), AELA (African Entertainment Legend Award) and the Golden Movie Award (Africa) Best Supporting Actor Comedy. He is also the first American to ever be awarded a Golden Movie Award (Top 3 film award on the continent of Africa). His films have been nationally showcased on PBS, Retro TV Network, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Redbox, Tubi, Roku, Tribeca Shortlist, Walmart, Barnes & Noble etc etc etc. He also co-starred in two films that are respectively the No. 15 and No. 75 Highest Box Office Nollywood films of All-Time. Nollywood is the second largest film market in the world and now Dan is considered the No. 1 American Actor in Nollywood. His film (co-star) "A Trip to Jamaica" premiered on Netflix in 190 countries and has consistently been a Top 20 Netflix International Comedy (2020-2022). His film (small supporting role) "The Runners" with Tom Sizemore and Neal McCoy was released on Amazon and was a Top 10 New Release in the Thriller and Action categories. Since its premiere July 14th 2020 it has been on many top film lists with the latest being Tubi's No.1 Thriller Film (July, 2021). He plays a recurring role on the Mental Ideas Radio show on Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK-Radio 3). This show was nominated (Sept 22nd, 2020) for an Association of International Broadcasters Award (AIB Award) in its respective category (Radio & Audio). The AIB awards ceremony was televised worldwide via Al Jazeera Nov 13th, 2020. He's written a semi-autobiographical book entitled The Rantings of a Madman on Facebook that was published March 2021. His film (Supporting Role) the psychological horror, "I Dream of a Psychopomp" premiered at the historic Music Box Theatre in Chicago, IL Sept 3rd, 2021 and will be distributed nationwide via Terror Films. His film (Producer, Co-Star, Writer) the comedic horror musical, "Ed Gein the Musical" just received national distribution via SRS Cinema (Winter 2023) and had its 13th Anniversary screening at UWO-Fox Cities (Menasha, WI) Dec 2nd, 2022. His latest TV pilots "A Forest Dark" and "Weird People in Weird Places" are currently being shopped around for national episodic distribution. He has been featured in over 1000 media including CBS (National) News, CNN, BBC, NPR, PBS, PRI, USA Today, RTHK (Radio TV Hong Kong), Al Jazeera, Coast to Coast AM, The Financial Times (UK), Variety, Hollywood Reporter, Forbes etc etc

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University of Wisconsin (La Crosse)

BA in Political Science and English


Golden Movie Award (Africa)

The first and only American actor to ever win this award.

Political Film Society's Best Film (Human Rights and Peace)

"West of Thunder" Screenwriter and Actor

Renegade Press Books

MUSIC ON THE BONES is a story of fiction inspired by true events. Set in the USSR and the USA in the late 1960s, and inspired by true stories of that time, Music on the Bones is just as timely and relevant today. Max, a young doctor, is trapped behind the Iron Curtain. He and his friends are striving to work for freedom of expression, and freedom from oppression, against an Orwellian backdrop of constant surveillance and persecution. They are willing to risk imprisonment, or worse, to listen to the forbidden music of the free world, which holds the promise of another life. Valerie is an American college student who has the opportunity to study Communism in the USSR. When their two worlds collide, both of their lives will change. MUSIC ON THE BONES celebrates the inspirational power of the arts and is ultimately the story of how music has the ability to change the world.

Available on Amazon - MUSIC ON THE BONES

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A FOREST DARK is the terrifying story of former federal government subcontractor Samuel Thomas Johnson. Sam worked for the FBI (1973-1997) as a video crime scene analyst as well as for NASA (1982-1989) as a photographic consultant and analyst. His top level clearance for the FBI afforded him an opportunity to deconstruct unexplained anomalies in capital crime scenes caught on security and CCTV cameras. His work at NASA was also considered top clearance and highly sensitive. Because of the nature of the work he performed, both at the FBI and NASA, he is writing under a pseudonym.After bearing witness to the murders of two high level drug dealers committed by a “NON-HUMAN INVISIBLE ENTITY”, he immediately resigned, ready to put his past far behind him. Little did he know that the past is not so easily buried, and something dark and sinister decided to follow him home…


Samuel Thomas Johnson worked for the FBI (1973-1997) as a video crime scene analyst as well as for NASA (1982-1989) as a photographic consultant and analyst. His top level clearance for the FBI as a subcontractor, afforded him an opportunity to deconstruct unexplained anomalies in capital crime scenes caught on security and CCTV cameras. His work at NASA was also considered top clearance and highly sensitive. Because of the nature of the work he performed, both at the FBI and NASA, he is writing under a pseudonym. He has a B.S. in Math, an M.S. in Computer Science and a J.D. in Law. He now volunteers part-time as a legal representative, helping disadvantaged people gain U.S. citizenship. He lives in a semi-secluded area on the East Coast with his dog, Dante Heyoka.

Available on Amazon - A FOREST DARK

Thirty-year-old Chicago corporate lawyer Tanner Ford leaves behind a painful past and lucrative job for a bucket-list trip to Cuba with Jackson Swift, his estranged best friend from law school. But when they arrive, the oddities start adding up. Jackson evades questions about his wife and kids. Their itinerary keeps changing, and their tour guide might work for a fake company. When Tanner awakes after a rum-soaked night beside Dannel, a local musician with something to hide, and a text from Jackson that reads “HELP ME,” his dream vacation turns into a fight for survival. He is held hostage in an abandoned cigar factory, interrogated by the police, and hunted down by a mysterious “ghost” in the Cuban government. Beset by anxiety and panic attacks, Tanner is hurled unwittingly into an international conspiracy leading right back to Jackson and a friendship that began in betrayal.

HAVANA HANGOVER combines the disoriented protagonist of Andrea Bartz’s The Lost Night with the political intrigue of a Paul Vidich novel. It is a story about healing, friendship, love and deceit, set within a lovingly-rendered Cuban cityscape and fueled by rapid twists and turns, eventually landing in the corrupt corners of DC politics. (Pub Date March 18th, 2023 - Renegade Press)

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Randy Richardson is an attorney, former journalist, and die-hard Cubs fan. He is the president of the Chicago Writers Association, he's deeply involved with Chicago’s writing community, including as an organizer of the Let’s Just Write! conference. He is the author of two well-received novels, Cheeseland and Lost in the Ivy, as well as co-author of Cubsessions, all from hybrid publisher Eckhartz Press. His essays have been published in numerous anthologies and literary magazines, including Hypertext and Memory House. Visit his website,, to learn more about his work

ED GEIN, THE MUSICAL - A Novel is a based on the cult classic film, "Ed Gein, the Musical". Written by critically acclaimed author Donna Francart, this unprecedented & remarkable book gives a unique perspective of the film while also delving into the depravity of this unsavory character. (Pub Date July 26th, 2023 - Renegade Press)

ED GEIN, THE MUSICAL - A Novel is now an Amazon No. 1 New Release!

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Donna Francart, is a former Deputy Coroner for eight and a half years who worked death investigations for suspicious and unwitnessed deaths. She became the voice for those who could no longer speak. As the years went by, surrounded by tragedy and grief, she began to put together a diary of emotions in order to debrief and decompress. She also did this to process and compartmentalize so much sadness and loss. This inspired her to write her book, I'VE SEEN DEAD PEOPLE - Diary of a Deputy Coroner, based on those many observations. Throughout the years, surrounded by death, she became a beacon of light to the spirit world and has since continued down this spiritual journey. She has been featured and interviewed on the BBC (numerous times), Coast to Coast (with George Knapp), NPR and The Fright Club with Jack Osborne & The Ghost Brothers.


May 20th, 2024 - SALE!

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From WC Turck, the controversial new novel The Assassination of Baby Hitler: A Love Story (A Romance for Nerds, Book One of the Accidental Time Traveler Trilogy)

It all began with a remark by a presidential candidate about assassinating baby Hitler. A raucous adventure with the real Science of time Travel!

This wasn’t the Victorian era Darby learned about in school! What was a 21 st Century community college professor doing in 19 th Century Bavaria, and the road to find the most notorious figure in history, the dictator in diapers, the Swabian in swaddling? Joined by great, the woman of his dreams, and chased by a scrupulous Komisar and an austere Time Augur. Thrown back to 1891 Germany, can Darby alter a future he knows will happen, and what is the true nature of evil? What consequences await that changed future? The eternal struggle between Strict order and Freewill.

A smart, adventurous love story for romantics and nerds alike. The Assassination of Baby Hitler, Book One of the Accidental Time Traveler trilogy is just the beginning. This series changes a genre for all time.

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The Multi-Award Winning Havana Hangover by Randy Richardson is now an Audiobook!

Available on Audible and Amazon!

Congrats to Donna Francart and her book, ED GEIN, THE MUSICAL: A NOVEL! Her book is now one of the first Amazon Beta Audiobooks using AI technology! Thanks to Audible & Amazon Kindle for this opportunity & groundbreaking technology!

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Danmageddan, The Book

Amazon Kindle Pub Date May 24th, 2024

How to be the best you...even during the impending Mutant Zombie Deer Apocalypse.

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Great news!!! Oscar winner Ron Bass to write the screenplay adaptation of Music on the Bones! (Renegade Press) Ron Bass has written over $2 Billion total (Box Office films) in his over 40 year career! He is arguably a Top 10 Screenwriter of all-time! ("Rain Man", "My Best Friend's Wedding", "Waiting to Exhale", "Sleeping with the Enemy", "Gardens of Stone", "How Stella Got Her Groove Back", "The Joy Luck Club", "What Dreams May Come" etc etc etc) Renegade Press is so stoked about this upcoming film project! Congrats to authors Avi Bar Lev & Jody Marriott Bar-Lev and thank you for allowing Renegade Press to publish your amazing and well-written book! Thanks to Deadline Hollywood for the great article and shoutout! Wow!!!!!!!

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